The Garfagnana is a region of the province of Lucca between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan Emilian Apennines. It offers a wide variety of landscapes, from a mountain belt rugged and pristine, rocky Apuan Alps, grassy slope and the sweetest in the Apennines, which turns to smaller stakes in a hill full of meadows and cultivated fields of a particular scenic beauty.

Visit the Garfagnana means being in a land of beautiful places and varied landscapes of historical villages of medieval and quaint small towns, where you can breathe the unique flavors of the past, rich in places, natural environments and landscaped paths is the place where you can find the history and traditions with its fortresses and ancient streets, where to find relax outside of the hectic pace of modern life, with the opportunity to visit natural parks, reserves, lakes and natural caves.

Ideal for sports and outdoor activity Garfagnana offers numerous leisure activities in contact with nature in addition to the opportunity to visit traditional places of rare beauty infused with history and culture.

Main distances:
Pistoia 15 Km
San Marcello 13 Km
Abetone 27 Km
Firenze 53 Km
Lucca 55 Km
Garfagnana 60 Km
Pisa 75 Km
Siena 110 Km