Located at 1388 meters above sea level, is the center of the homonymous tourist area.
Abetone is undoubtedly the most famous tourist destination of mountain and coveted in central Italy, in winter, thanks to its 50 km of slopes, in summer, by virtue of the many hiking trails that allow for long walks in the nature and beautiful landscapes that the Abetone offers.

Abetone in winter: ski slopes and ski lifts

The main tourist attraction in the winter season Abetone is its vocation resort; Abetone is essential destination for all lovers of mountain sports, from beginner to expert, who can take advantage of 50 km of slopes and 22 lifts operated by the consortium Multipass.
You can also practice cross-country skiing on two tracks ring for a total of 15 kilometers.
The ski resort of Abetone is divided into three zones: the first made ??up mainly of historical works, or Harness, Fivizzani, Riva, and the second includes the Emilia-facing slopes, Fillers and Pulicchio, and three runs Zeno designed by famous skier Zeno Colo, born in 1920 in Abetone, in the third area covered by the slopes of Val di Luce.
There are several ski and snowboard schools that organize individual or group lessons for both beginners group that agonists, and guests are also Ski and snowboard rental and maintenance of equipment for laboratories.

Abetone in summer: nature and hiking

Abetone in the summer season is transformed into a tourist center able to meet the needs of those who want enjoy moments of relaxation and a bit 'of refreshing, moving away by the heat of the city, taking long walks, on foot or by mountain biking, practicing tennis or soccer.
Enchanting is the path from Boscolungo, after about two hours and a half, leading to the mountain that will allow the hiker Open Book to enjoy an endless panorama.
Here in detail the structures that Abetone is able to offer in the summer season:
- Shelters and the lifts of Harness, Pulicchio, Pas Hannibal and Mount Elbow;
- Abetone Gravity Park to experience the thrill of downhill and freeride mountain biking;
- 2 tennis courts and a football pitch with floodlights;
- Indoor pool at Boscolungo in July and August but also in the winter season;
- A bowling alley next to the field school of Le Regine;
- A trail in the forest of beech trees within walking distance of Le Regine;
- The Green Lake for fishing open daily July and August 5 km from Le Regine.

Main distances:
Pistoia 15 Km
San Marcello 13 Km
Abetone 27 Km
Firenze 53 Km
Lucca 55 Km
Garfagnana 60 Km
Pisa 75 Km
Siena 110 Km